December 4, 2023

The garlic ribs were really so flavorful and delicious! The ribs are roasted and charred on the edges, so you can’t help but gulp!

Ingredients: half a kilogram of ribs
✔️ Garlic Spare Ribs Practice.
1⃣️ ribs washed and drained into a spoonful of garlic
➕ a spoonful of cooking wine
➕ a spoonful of soy sauce ➕ a spoonful of oyster sauce
➕ a spoonful of old soy sauce
➕ a spoonful of honey
➕ a spoonful of cornstarch ➕ the right amount of black pepper to grasp the uniform marinade for more than 1 hour in order to be flavored
2⃣️ into the air fryer, 180 degrees -200 degrees baked for 15 minutes, turn over and continue to bake for about 8 minutes (the specific time and temperature according to their own air fryer to adjust oh)

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